In Line Radisseurs

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  • For straining wire and allows re-tightening in line or ends
  • No special tools required to install and tension
  • Suited to most gauges of mild or high tensile wire

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About product

This heavy duty in-line wire tensioner is a very popular choice in both the fencing and horticulture industries.

The heavy 3mm thick casing is hot dip galvanised providing a long life option. It is simple yet effective to install and tension plus no special tools are required, a simple adjustable spanner can be used to wind the square spigot, then simply install a retaining peg made from the wire. Re-tensioning at a later date if required is a simple matter of tweaking the radisseur.

These are designed for permanent wire systems in any gauge, lighter versions are available for electric fencing or lighter wire. It’s ideally suited to most gauges of wire in mild or high tensile.

Radisseurs are also used in soft fruit constructions controlling tension on bag support wires.


  • Size - 120mm 4¾"
  • Hot dip galvanised
  • Suited to most gauges of mild or high tensile wire

Health and Safety recommend that the correct Personal Protective Equipment is worn when using this product.

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