KMR Cordless Gas Stapler

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KMR Cordless Gas Stapler
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  • Staple up to 5 x faster than a hammer and staple
  • Suitable for a variety of tasks
  • Special bundle deals available for a limited time only

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    About product

    Special OfferKMR Cordless Gas Stapler PLUS 2 Tubs of Staples for only £725 exc vat. Save £100!


    This cordless battery / gas operated stapler is made by KMR, a leading German manufacturer (part of the BEA group).


    Stapling up to 5 x faster than a hammer and staple and suitable for a variety of tasks, this stapler really is a time and labour saviour. The high voltage ignition system gives you the power you need and thanks to its cordless convenience you won’t be held back by any hoses, cables or compressors. It’s also lightweight at only 3.9kg. Scroll down to watch the staple gun in action!

    Compatible with 40mm x 3.3mm Bezinal coated staples (supplied in tubs of 2520 with two fuel cells), the staples are ribbed for better holding. It’s also very efficient, there are no wasted staples - every fastener is securely driven in. The staple gun also features an easy to use staple depth adjustment which ensures you get the desired drive depth you require every time without thinking with a specifically designed nosepiece for easy location over the wire.



    • Carry case
    • One rechargeable battery
    • Charger
    • Ear plugs
    • One year warranty
    • Full UK backup with service engineers


    • Net weight – 3.9kg
    • Firing mode – restrictive
    • Operating temperature range -15 to 50 degrees Celsius
    • Sound pressure level (Lpa) – 97.2 dB
    • Sound power level (Lwa) – 100.2 dB
    • Vibration level – 4.5 m/s
    • Shots per second – 2
    • Magazine capacity – 52 staples
    • Charge time – 2 hours (One battery should last full tub of staples)
    • Fuel cell size – 40g


    Note: The manufacturer recommends ear plugs and safety glasses should be worn whilst operating their staplers. Glasses are not supplied due to specific CE approval variations required from different sites. It is the operator's responsibility to supply the correct safety glasses for their particular site requirements.

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