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Landscaping & Agricultural Products

At McVeigh Parker, we know the importance of using quality products for your landscaping needs. Whether your project is small, large, commercial or domestic, we have the knowledge and tools you need to ensure you get what you need. Alongside our landscape offerings of ground protection, sleepers, roofing and garden design, we also have temporary netting solutions available to keep your project secure whilst it is under construction.

We know our customers work on a vast array of domestic and commercial projects, including riding arenas, yards, fields and tracks, as well as play arenas and even exterior buildings. That’s why we keep a huge amount of stock available for click and collect or speedy and efficient delivery, with orders over £250 delivered free within a 70-mile radius of our depot.

As one of the largest independent suppliers of landscaping and agricultural products, we are sure to have what you need. From drainage, to weed defence and even garden design, McVeigh Parker have got you covered. Browse our product selection below or get in touch if you have any questions!

Our Landscaping Products

Taking you from floor to ceiling, our landscape products have got you covered. Our products are designed for purpose, meaning you know that when you choose a product from McVeigh Parker, you can trust it to perform.

Ground Protection

When developing your project, you will want to ensure that the ground is reinforced for maximum durability.

Our Geotextile solutions are specifically designed to provide maximum protection, and security when constructing areas designed for the movement of animals; be this for gateways, riding arenas or cattle tracks. Geotextile membranes will increase the stability of the ground whilst allowing water permeation for better drainage.

High traffic areas may require Grass Protection to prevent ground damage. Our range offers invisible support, with products such as the rubber ring mat disappearing from view once covered by grass, whilst still allowing drainage.


When designing walkways, raised beds or play areas you may find you require support for soil retention and erosion prevention.

Our Sleeper options are perfect to provide the extra protection your landscape project requires, with Green Oak and Hardwood available depending on your size and area purpose.


Whilst your landscape project is under construction you may wish to put up some temporary netting to secure the perimeter from human or deer incursion.

Orange barrier safety netting is perfect for preventing trespassing on construction sites, but can also be used for sporting and agricultural events. It is also available in other colours, should orange not be your shade.

Plastic netting is visually unobtrusive, so will blend in with your surroundings but can be used to prevent the free roaming of deer across your land. It is a quick, economic and effective solution.


Once you have completed your work, you want to ensure that it is fully protected from the elements. The protection you require can vary according to circumstance, which is why we have a range of roofing solutions.

Onduline is an extremely tough yet lightweight material with unrivalled versatility as a roofing or wall-cladding option. It comes with 15 years waterproofing guarantee and does not rust or rot. We stock Onduline sheet, ridge and nails.

Our Sheet Material roofing consists of plywood and is an ideal good weathering solution.

Garden Design

Give your project the finishing touches with our garden design options. We have a range of traditional picnic tables and benches to suit various areas. Whether you would like a modern eight seater or a more traditional six seater (with the option of fold-up seats to ensure it’s always visitor ready), we have the bench for you!

Add a statement to your garden with one of our trough planters. Available in standard, large and extra large depths with a variety of lengths, they create a garden feature that truly stands out.

All our troughs are made from tough, galvanised steel so they are hardwearing and can withstand the harshest of weather conditions. Take a look at our guide on how to create the perfect water trough planter.

If you have specific landscaping requirements then please feel free to get in touch online or call us on 03330 050115.