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Add a real statement piece to your garden with one of our trough planters. Available in standard, large and extra large depths and a variety of lengths, our trough planters are ideal for creating striking displays bound to make your neighbours envious! Made of galvanised steel, our trough planters are robust, suitable for all year round use, and perfect for adding wow factor to anywhere. What’s more they can also be used as water features or water collection troughs

  1. Large Trough Planter
    Large Trough Planter
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  2. Standard Trough Planter
    Standard Trough Planter
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Planters Questions & Answers

Annuals, perennials and even fruit and vegetables are a great choice for planting in your trough planter.

You will need to place a layer of gravel across the bottom of the trough to ensure there is sufficient drainage. Then, on top of that we suggest a layer of textile membrane to keep the soil in place and stop it mixing with the drainage layer.

To ensure the trough planter has sufficient drainage, place a 5-10cm (2-4inch) layer of gravel evenly across the bottom of the water trough. On top of the gravel, place a piece of textile membrane along the trough. This will keep the soil in place, stopping it from washing away under the gravel when watered. You can then cover with your preferred compost.

Yes, trough planters will need to drainage holes to allow for the sufficient drainage of water from the trough.

Rocks or gravel are a good choice to put in the bottom of your trough planter as it will help aid water drainage.