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Whilst conducting a landscaping project or running a temporary event you may wish to protect areas from pedestrian, vehicle or even animal traffic.

Our temporary netting range is perfect for preventing ground disturbance and is easy to erect and remove. Netting can also be used for more permanent scenarios. We have highly visible safety barrier netting and plastic netting suitable for deer/animal deterrence.

We have a huge variety of stock available at our McVeigh Parker depots across the country to allow for a speedy and efficient delivery service. If you need any assistance in selecting the best netting for you, please contact a member of the McVeigh Parker team who will be more than happy to help.

Our Netting Products

Barrier Netting

Barrier netting is ideal for use as high visibility temporary netting for safety or security purposes. The orange netting is clearly visible and frequently used as barrier netting on construction sites, railway lines and sporting events

Plastic Netting

Our plastic deer netting is perfect as a permanent solution for preventing the trespassing of deer or other wildlife onto farm or agricultural property (or even into your garden!). It is strong yet lightweight and blends perfectly into any background for an unobtrusive appearance.