Non-Woven Geotextile Membrane

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Non-Woven Geotextile Membrane
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  • Ideal for separation of materials and filtration
  • Excellent permeability and lower strength
  • Three different roll sizes and grades

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About product

Poly-spun membrane is a non-woven alternative to the common black woven geotextile membrane. Whilst the black woven membrane is ideal for adding strength and stability at ground level, the main function of spun non-woven membrane is the separation of materials and filtration.

Our spun non-woven geotextile is UV stabilised and will not rot. It is commonly used between different construction layers to avoid mixing of materials. The high water flow and excellent filter properties it features, combined with exceptional mechanical properties, ensures that fine grained particles are retained at the same time as allowing free movement of water.

Options available

  • 100m x 4.5m standard non-woven membrane
  • 100m x 2m standard non-woven membrane
  • 100m x 4.5m premium non-woven membrane
  • 100m x 4.5m needle punched 200 membrane


Projects using geotextile membrane often cost less on materials, less time on excavation and it is less likely you'll need to return to repair minor defects. There are no specialist tools or training required and so very easy and quick to install. Other benefits of using membrane include -


  • Preventing sub base stone from migrating to the surface
  • Filtering surface water efficiently and quickly
  • Preventing the upper surface from migrating downwards, clogging the drainage sub base


There are no two geotextiles on the market that share the exact same properties. When comparing geotextiles there are three key areas to look at, they are; tensile strength, CBR puncture resistance and water permeability. The higher the test data, the more superior the product.

Standard non-woven membrane

  • Tensile strength (kN/m) – MD 8 / CD 8
  • CBR puncture resistance (N) – 1500
  • Water permeability (m/sec) ((x10-3) – 130

Premium non-woven membrane
  • Tensile strength (kN/m) – MD 12 / CD 12
  • CBR puncture resistance (N) – 2000
  • Water permeability (m/sec) ((x10-3) – 110

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