Pre-formed Wire Connectors

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Pre-formed Wire Connectors
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  • Quick, easy installation - no special tools needed
  • Made of high-strength, long-lasting galvanised steel
  • Will not slip or stretch under heavy crop/stock pressure

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    About product

    Pre-formed wire connectors have been used by utility companies for decades and approved by the Forestry Commission, they provide an extremely strong long lasting joint. Preformed Helical fittings are manufactured in class 3 galvanised high tensile steel with a grit adhesive finish which enables the termination and jointing of High Tensile Spring Steel wires.

    Options available

    Available for two sizes of wire: - 3.25mm (10swg) Red marked and 2.64mm (12swg) black marked.


    • One unit can be used to terminate the end of a high tensile wire which is wrapped around an end post
    • Two units together can be used as a splice to join the ends of two lengths of high tensile wire
    • A superior alternative to crimping or joining sleeve systems, splices and repairs broken wire fencing quickly and easily – without tools
    • Suitable for any line wire under 4000N (407kgf) of tension
    • These durable connectors leave your fence stronger than it was before it was broken
    • Will not crack or rust, lowering fence repair costs and saving time
    • All pre-formed connectors are conductive, making them ideal for permanent electric fencing
    • Aids trellising in viticulture. They are very quick and easy to install - no special tools are needed
    • They will not slip or stretch under heavy crop or stock pressure
    • Ideal for anyone installing new fences, repairing old, trellising or vineyard installation
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