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Dog Pens & Holders

As part of our small holders range we have dog pens which are ideal for any working or domestic dogs which are kept outdoors or in external buildings. They are made from heavy galvanised steel so are robust and hard-wearing.

All of our steel dog pens have vertical bars to prevent climbing and are produced in modular systems, meaning that you can expand your dog pens into a run or larger pen by purchasing additional panels. For outdoor dog pens, we also have the option of a roof so you can ensure that your canines remain dry and sheltered. They are easy to assemble and develop according to your need and require no maintenance.

We have a range of other livestock pens available in stock across the country. Browse the website or get in touch if you can’t find what you need. We stock 1000’s of products at McVeigh Parker depots across the country and offer a fast and efficient delivery service. Shop our dog pens below or get in touch with us to purchase additional panels.