Triple X Deer Fence Corner/2 way Strainer

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  • Corner strainer for Clipex fences up to 2.1m tall
  • All steel design Guaranteed for 30 years
  • Quicker, longer lasting, and easier to install than wooden alternatives

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About product

Triple X Strainers have been designed by McVeigh Parker, are British made all steel hot dip galvanised strainers, with fully welded base and thrust plates, which give real resistance and greater holding in the ground, fully welded top cap and pre-drilled holes for ease of strut installation. The 3.0mm thick strainer allows them to be driven in hydraulically or mechanically. The two main strainer assembly designs are the angle/diagonal stay and the box/horizontal assembly. The type of strainer you choose will be dependent on the topography, soil type, fence height and purpose.

Installing a Triple X strainer could not be simpler, minimal components mean full installation in less than 5 minutes is possible. This system offers an excellent return on investment with its ease of installation and longevity.

Triple X Strainers are proven in the field throughout the UK. Used by contractors, farmers and landowners alike, for both stock, deer and security fencing. Diagonal strainer types are suitable for firm soil and high tension straining. They are quicker, cheaper and easier to install, ideal in most applications, however if you have loose soil or taller fences then a box strainer should be considered. Diagonal strainers are also suitable for in line slight bends of 20-30 degrees.

Suitable for use with Clipex fences up to 2m in height for corners or two ways.

NEW DESIGN : Angled anti lift, base and thrust plates, reduces lift in softer ground.

StaYfast Features

  • Guaranteed for 30 years (should exceed this subject to location)
  • Minimal components, only 5, easy to assemble (unlike other similar systems)
  • Exceptionally strong, thick walled tubular strainer can be mechanically or hydraulically driven in
  • Fully welded 4mm thick base and thrust/directional plates
  • Hot dip galvanised after manufacture in the UK to BS EN ISO 1461
  • Easy to transport to site (reduces carbon footprint of some projects)
  • Pre-drilled holes to take multiple struts for two way and corner strainers


1 x Strainer

  • Height – 3.3m
  • Weight – 27.5kg
  • Profile - 75mm dia x 3.00mm
  • Pre-drilled and fully welded
  • 4mm thick x 250mm thrust/base plates to reduce any movement
  • Cylindrical hollow section aids easier driving in
  • Pre drilled four times to allow for easy strut attachment at 90, 180 and 270 degrees

2 x Strut complete with hook

  • Height – 3.0m
  • Weight - 9.01kg
  • Profile – 48.3mm dia x 3.0mm
  • Drilled/welded or mitre cut ready for instant use

2 x Plate and pin

  • 4mm x 250mm triangular base plate, drilled 20mm hole to take pin.
  • 20mm x 750mm solid pin.

2 x Tension wire and Gripple

  • 4.5m x 3mm alu/zinc wire (for larger projects the above can be swapped for 3.15mm HT alu/zinc wire)
  • Gripple wire joiner