Strainrite Crimp Sleeves

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Strainrite Crimp Sleeves

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About product

Genuine New Zealand made crimp sleeves are used to permanently join wire netting and line wire.

These crimp sleeves provide a joint that exceeds the strength of the wire. It's the easiest and most effective means of joining wire without the time consuming job of hand tying. Crimps are designed to provide a non-abrasive permanent joint, almost half the price of standard wire joiners such as Gripples, using both will give you permanent joins, whilst Gripples will allow you to re-tension the fence should you wish to at a later date.

Options available

Strainrite crimp sleeves are available in 5 different sizes -

  • To suit 1.6mm to 2.5mm (16 to 12 ½ gauge) fencing wire x 100
  • To suit 1.6mm to 2.5mm (16 to 12 ½ gauge) fencing wire x 500
  • To suit 2.5mm to 3.15mm (12 ½ gauge to 10 gauge) high tensile wire x 50
  • To suit 2.5mm (12 ½ gauge) mild steel barbed fencing wire x 50
  • To suit 1.6mm to 2.5mm (16 to 12 ½ gauge) electric fence wire x 50


  • Crimp 4-5 times faster with Exepull fencing tool to ensure joint strength
  • Crimp from one end overlapping each crimp to eliminate shoulders
  • Water resistant grit adhesive for all weather application.


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