Tension Springs

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  • Use to maintain fence tension
  • Can be used at end or in-line
  • Suitable for up to 2.5mm high tensile wire

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About product

If your stock fencing has no tension curves, it can be difficult to gauge the correct tension when installing line wire systems. The tension spring not only reacts to climatic change, but it is a good indicator of tension, especially if installing multi-strand systems.

Tension springs are ideally suited to most gauges of high tensile wire up to 2.5mm and help by retaining elasticity in climatic changes. When the temperature warms up, wire will expand and as it gets colder it contracts. This simple spring prevents your line wire systems from sagging, whilst keeping them taut.

Tension springs can be used in conjunction with In-Line Radissuers, Ratchet Tensioners or Insulated Wire Tensioners.

This is a heavy version (cheaper and smaller versions are available).


  • Suitable for 2.5mm wire
  • Maximum tension strength 200kg
  • Can be used in-line or at the end of a fence to maintain fence tension
  • Allows larger spacing (up to 15m) between posts (reducing costs)
  • Less strain on end or corner posts (reducing maintenance)
  • Maximum load 200kg
  • 10-year product warranty.

Health and Safety recommend that the correct Personal Protective Equipment is worn when using this product.

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