Our fixings range helps you to make a quick job of your fencing and includes a Cordless Gas Stapler and a wide selection of netting clips and staples both of which are available in a selection of sizes and styles. At McVeigh Parker, our product choices are informed by over 4 decades in the industry; we choose products that we know work. If you have any queries or need help with your selection then get in touch with a member of the McVeigh Parker team. Otherwise, shop below for all your fixings!

  1. Staple on Plate
    Staple on Plate
    Special Price £1.98 £1.65 Regular Price £2.38
  2. Hook on Plates
    Hook on Plates
    Special Price £1.85 £1.54 Regular Price £2.22
  3. Ring on Plate
    Ring on Plate
    Special Price £3.35 £2.79 Regular Price £4.31
  4. Dee Shackles
    Dee Shackles
    From: £2.03 £1.69 Regular Price £2.44
  5. Carbine Hooks
    Carbine Hooks
    From: £2.26 £1.88 Regular Price £2.70
  6. Quick Repair Link
    Quick Repair Link
    From: £1.79 £1.49 Regular Price £2.14
  7. Square Gate Staple to Drive
    Square Gate Staple to Drive
    Special Price £4.70 £3.92 Regular Price £7.06
  8. CL35 Clip Gun
    CL35 Clip Gun

    This product is coming soon

    Please email sales@mcveighparker.co.uk and we can advise on alternative items in stock.

  9. KMR Cordless Gas Stapler
    KMR Cordless Gas Stapler
    From: £551.88 £459.90 Regular Price £551.88
  10. KMR Staples
    KMR Staples
    £131.70 £109.75