Adding fencing posts can require a large amount of force and precision. Our striking tools give you the power you need to get the job done perfectly the first time, making sure your posts are in the ground securely. From sledgehammers and club hammers right through to petrol hand held post drivers and post rammers, our striking range provides the appropriate force for the fencing. We also stock log splitting tools which are perfect for root excavation and hardcore destruction. If you have any enquiries regarding the best tools for the job, get in contact with our McVeigh Parker team who will be happy to help you! Shop our striking and digging range below, or browse the rest of our fencing products.

  1. Clipex Standard Post Rammer
    Clipex Standard Post Rammer
    Special Price £63.18 £52.65 Regular Price £64.80
  2. Petrol Hand Held Post Driver
    Petrol Hand Held Post Driver

    This product is coming soon

    Please email sales@mcveighparker.co.uk and we can advise on alternative items in stock.

  3. Post Hole Bumper/ Rammer
    Post Hole Bumper/Rammer
    Special Price £58.78 £48.98 Regular Price £70.93
  4. Fence Maul
    Fence Maul
    From: £34.85 £29.04 Regular Price £39.20
  5. Shocksafe Sledge Hammer 10lb
    Shocksafe Sledge Hammer 10lb
    Special Price £51.70 £43.08 Regular Price £59.86
  6. Sledge Hammer with Fibreglass Handle
    Sledge Hammer with Fibreglass Handle
    Special Price £32.64 £27.20 Regular Price £36.72
  7. Sledge Hammer
    Sledge Hammer
    From: £23.28 £19.40 Regular Price £26.20
  8. Roughneck Claw Hammer 20oz
    Roughneck Claw Hammer 0.56kg
    Special Price £14.10 £11.75 Regular Price £18.80
  9. Club Hammer 1.8kgs
    Club Hammer 1.8kg
    Special Price £15.97 £13.31 Regular Price £17.98