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Agricultural Tools & Fixings

Whatever project you are completing, be it industrial, agricultural or domestic, we have the tools and fixings to make sure you have everything you need to get the job done. At McVeigh Parker, we know how important it is to use high-quality durable tools to make your job easier!  That’s why we stock a huge range of tools and fixings for your projects, from fencing tools like netting pliers to landscaping tools such as wheelbarrows and shovels.

We keep 1000’s of products in stock at our depots across the country for a fast and efficient turnaround. We have a quick and efficient delivery service and offer free delivery on any orders over £250 within a 70-mile radius of our depots.

If you need any assistance or advice in finding the tool you need then don’t hesitate to get in touch. From Gripple joiners to Club Hammers and Staplers, our expert team is on hand to give you the help you need. You can call us on 03330 050115 or get in touch online.


Our Tools & Fixing Products

Cutting and Joining

Our cutting and joining equipment and tools are designed to assist you in erecting and maintaining your fencing. Working alongside our tensioning kit, our Gripple, wire cutters, and pliers are perfect for ensuring the strongest possible fencing for your property. We also stock clips and accessories to support you with every element of the job.


Our tensioning kits, tools and boundary clamps are for use with wire netting, deer fencing and all other fencing that requires tension. We provide Gripple kits for the professional fencer and a range of other tools.


As part of our fencing range, we stock tools ideal for erecting and maintaining a variety of fence types. We have post and rail hole diggers and chisel and point tools. The importance of a good fork shouldn’t be overlooked, which is why we keep a variety in stock. Our range of shovels and forks include a rabbiting/poachers spade and a variety of Shocksafe products; sledge hammers, navvy picks and snow shovels.


Sometimes you need to pack some power to get the job done. Our striking tools are perfect for making an impact when you need to get deep. We have sledgehammers, shock hammers, petrol driven post drivers and log splitting tools.

Other Tools

Perfect for a variety of jobs, our general tools range includes high-quality tools and products to ensure you get the job done as efficiently as possible. We have a range of wheelbarrows, tipping barrows and tipping trailers to get you on the move. We know the McVeigh Parker community work on a huge range of landscaping and developing projects so that’s why we have all the tools for you.


We have a comprehensive range of netting clips and other fixings for fence erection and much more. Our stapling range helps you to make a quick job of stock fencing and includes a Senco Gas Stapler and Senco Accessory kit. Netting fixings are ideal for installing additional security netting to your fence.