Triple X Guarantee - 30 Year Service Life

Clipex fencing posts are manufactured in 3 gauges 2.5mm, 3.0mm and 3.5mm from high tensile 450 grade steel. All the posts are hot dip galvanised exceeding British standards with a coating over 600grm. The posts have aluminium self- locking clips with stainless steel springs and rivets. Combine these patented Clipex posts with Xfence wire netting and Triple X strainers and you have a fence that is second to none. This premium fence is backed by a 30 Year Service Life Guarantee giving peace of mind that the Triple X fencing system will have a minimum life of 30 years, subject to routine maintenance and industry-standard installation. Any non-wearing part that fails in normal service will be replaced. Please note that the guarantee must be activated at the time of purchase by the original purchaser.

Guarantee Registration

    1. We shall only entitle one guarantee per installation. To activate this guarantee we must receive your registration within 28 days of purchase.
    2. Email invoice copy to sales@mcveighparker.co.uk with the subject line of ‘Guarantee’ alongside the location and invoice reference.
    3. Email must include the installer name and installation date (if known) and site location using what3words for location (https://what3words.com)

Online terms and conditions:

Please note that the guarantee must be activated at the time of purchase by the original purchaser.

McVeigh Parker & Co Ltd guarantees the Triple X fencing system as described, for 30 years against failure, valid from the date of purchase subject to the following conditions:

  • The Triple X system (product) must be installed according to accepted good industry practice and to any McVeigh Parker written guidelines.
  • The product must not have been misused, suffered vehicle, vandalism or forced entry damage. The product must not have been installed in an unusual environment such as within 2km of the sea or any corrosive atmospheric conditions, consistent strong prevailing winds, constantly damp or waterlogged soil. The guarantee does not cover acts outside the normal use of the product.
  • The product must have been regularly maintained, keep the surfaces clean and free of any corrosive matter and if the product is cut, drilled or the core material exposed to the elements, the steel should immediately be treated with a good quality zinc rich coating.
  • The guarantee only covers the cost of replacing the defective product to the agreed sliding scale and no consequential replacement costs.
  • The guarantee is void if the product failure is due to the installation of the wrong specification system for the purpose needed, please consult McVeigh Parker for correct specification.
  • Any claim will only be accepted after a full investigation by McVeigh Parker, the claimant must cooperate with our representatives otherwise the guarantee will be invalidated.
  • Guarantee covers Clipex intermediate Standard and Beefy posts, Triple X strainers and the recommended Xfence wire netting, if an alternative has been used and has resulted in the premature failing of any part of the system, it will nullify the guarantee.
  • This guarantee is only valid for the original costs of the invoice registered in accordance with the agreed scale set out here : 1 – 15 years = 75%, 16 – 20 years = 50%, 20 – 25 years = 25%, 26 – 30 years = 10%
  • Purchaser’s statutory rights are not affected.

How to Claim

  • Any claim must be reported to sales@mcveighparker.co.uk including proof of registration, proof of purchase and photographs of product failure and location.
  • McVeigh Parker will investigate any claim within 30 days of receipt of the claim. The customer should then grant us access to the site for us to confirm the claim.
  • If you have any questions about the terms of the guarantee, or wish to enquire about a bespoke guarantee on possible alternative specifications, please contact us at sales@mcveighparker.co.uk or call 03330 050115

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