Triple X - Step by Step Installation Guide

Triple X Strainer assembly is extremely fast and easy to install. What's more, they're designed by McVeigh Parker and are proven in the field throughout the UK.

Follow our simple easy installation steps below to see for yourself just how simple it is, or scroll further down the page to watch our video demonstration.

Step 1.   Step 2.   Step 3.
step 1                step 2                step 3
Simply bolt the anti-lift plate to the strainer.   Put a steel cap over the end of the strainer post.   Drive into the ground at the required depth with either a sledge hammer, hydraulic or pneumatic driver.
Step 4.   Step 5.    Step 6.
step 4   step 5   step 6
Place strut hook into strainer hole at 90° then bring around to the direction of the fence.                    

Lay the splayed end on the pressure plate. Drive in the pin, then attach the brace wire both ends.                    

  Finally strain the tension wire.