1. Sheep Water Trough
    Sheep Water Trough (267mm Deep)
    From: £141.61 £118.01
  2. Livestock Water Trough
    Livestock Water Trough (405mm Deep)
    From: £150.10 £125.08
  3. Sheep Hayrack on Wheels
    Sheep Hayrack on Wheels
    From: £366.72 £305.60
  4. Cattle Feed Ring
    Cattle Feed Ring
    From: £321.60 £268.00
  5. HT Hinge Joint Stock Fence HT8-80-15
    HT Hinge Joint Stock Fence HT8-80-15
    From: £161.48 £134.57
  6. X fence Stock Fence XHT8-80-22
    X Fence Stock Fence XHT8-80-22
    From: £168.06 £140.05

Turnout 2023

Trust McVeigh Prker for all your turnout essentials.  Our bulk buying policy, huge stocks, our own fleet of vehicles along with our eight depots situated throughout the UK, enable us to offer you unrivalled service nationwide at the best possible prices.


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