U-Pin for fixing mesh 170mm

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  • Premium fixing U-pins
  • Tough enough to be driven into most soil types using a simple club hammer
  • The re-bar U-Pin fabrication provide a stronger holding than other material types

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About product

Premium fixing U-pins or fixing staple 170mm x 6mm dia, widely used in a variety of applications. These steel u-pins, are tough enough to be driven into most soil types using a simple club hammer. The re-bar U-Pin fabrication provides a stronger holding than other material types, the pin straddles the mesh apertures producing a strong and robust fix to the ground.


  • Fix Spun & woven membranes
  • Fix Artificial grass
  • Fix Weed control fabric
  • Fix Landscaping membranes & mats
  • Fix Grass/Turf protection meshes
  • Fix Rabbit netting mesh to ground/embankments, preventing burrowing: (Use with Hex wire F1G3250, F1C3230)
  • Fix Badger netting for embankments, preventing burrowing: (Use with X fence Badger netting F2410, F2455)


  • Each Leg length : 170mm
  • Steel dia re-bar: 6mm
  • Pin width: 72mm wide O.D. 60mm I.D.
  • Coating : BZP
(Beware of thinner designs, smaller profiles and self colour pins that won't offer the same holding or longevity).

* Please note — if the soil is soft or you require a stronger holding you may want to consider J pins (CL4293) or Terra-pins (A1557)

Estimated pin requirements (guide only, some soil types or topography may require more)

 Initial Roll        (Number of Pins)        Subsequent Rolls (Number of Pins)      
Grass Reinforcement Mesh 2m x 20m 200 pins 150 pins
Turf Reinforcement Mesh  2m x 30m 150 pins 100 pins
Badger fencing wire netting 1.58m x 50m 150 pins 100 pins
Badger embankment netting 1.58m x 50m  395 pins 345 pins
Rabbit netting fencing per 50m 150 pins 100 pins
Rabbit netting embankment 50m 300 pins 250 pins

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