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Twin Wall Pipe

Twin Wall pipes are high-performance pipes designed for non-pressure and storm water drainage application. They are lightweight but extremely strong and durable. The most recent iteration of HDPE, twin wall pipes are an alternative to concrete and clayware pipes. Twin wall pipe have smooth bore for improved hydraulic flow and corrugated outer wall to improve exterior strength.

We stock both perforated and non perforated twinwall pipe which is available in a selection of widths / diameters. Twin wall pipe is easy to cut to the required length and requires minimal jointing in comparison to traditional materials.

If you have any queries about our twin wall pipe then get in touch with the team at your local depot by calling 03330 050115 or contacting us online.

Perforated Twinwall Pipe - 6m LDPT
£ 55.25 each
£ 76.50 each
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Non Perforated Twinwall Pipe - 6m LDPTW
£ 53.98 each
£ 74.80 each
£ 335.75 each
Various Options
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Twin Wall Coupler LDPTWM
£ 2.80 each
£ 4.00 each
£ 7.20 each
£ 14.40 each
£ 36.00 each
£ 64.00 each
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£ 2.13 each
£ 4.03 each
£ 5.61 each
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