Windbreak 1m x 30m

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  • High performance windbreak for nurseries and livestock buildings
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Available in 1 m x 30m rolls

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About product

Windbreak mesh fencing comes in various standards. McVeigh Parker has tested various types and believe that for longevity and strength you need reinforced edges.

Our MP windbreak has a 25mm solid edge top and bottom which not only adds to its rigidity but offers unrivalled strength (cheaper brands tend to cut through the perforations which results in the netting tearing easily over time). The manufacturing process of MP windbreak stretches the plastic windbreak cladding mesh during its manufacture, which increases the tensile strength of the plastic, and it is this coupled with the reinforced edges that provides a very strong windbreak mesh fencing.


  • The fine mesh can reduce wind speeds by up to 50%
  • Quick and easy to install
  • 100% virgin material
  • Lightweight
  • 1m x 30m roll
  • 10mm x 6mm hole


  • Commonly used as a windbreak for horticulture in places such as nurseries, allotments and gardens
  • In farming it is often used for lambing pens (fixing easily to sheep hurdles) and livestock buildings, reducing windspeed whilst still allowing air circulation 
  • It is simple to fix to existing and riding new arenas to prevent the loss of expensive sand topping
  • It is also ideal as a temporary fencing barrier for pets, children or pedestrians.

Fixing suggestions

  • Simple to install, it can be tied to existing fences or sheep hurdles.
  • Batten fixing (sandwiching between a timber post and a batten) provides a strong fixing.
  • Tension horizontal line wires top, middle and bottom, between strainers and place intermediate stakes every 3m, then simply cable tie or wire the windbreak to the support wires every 300mm. The straining wires will provide extra strength to the windbreak in extreme winds.
  • By using a simple rod, threaded through one end and doubled up, then using a three hook eye straining eyebolt, these can be bolted into stakes, timbers or building stanchions. Tension can then be applied to create a taut barrier which will reduce any movement in the windbreak, thus reducing wear.
  • Can be used with road pins A9310 for temporary barriers