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Wireman Walker Classic

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Carry one tool for straining both plain wire and net fencing with fast and easy to use or remove, clip on parts Featuring -

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Save 20% whilst stocks last!


The Wireman Wire Tensioner with chain walking simplicity, easy to use, full control. Carry one tool for straining both plain, barbed and fabricated netting when used with fencing boards. Fast and easy to use or remove, clip on/off parts. A must have toolbox tool for anyone involved in fencing. 


The Wireman range of tools have been designed and built for professional use in the field, offering years of reliability and trouble-free straining. Suitable for short and long runs in excess of 500m. 


Steel wire has moved on over the years, high tensile wire being the preferred choice, yet the tools to strain it up have not followed suit. The Wireman walkers have been specially designed to cope with harder high tensile wire, they are manufactured from a harder grade high tensile BISALLOY® 450 steel than the wire itself, thus preventing wear and slip over time.


Wireman Walker Classic - Main Features 

  1. Spring loaded Grippers – enable you to grip the wire without maintaining tension on the wire. Spring loaded scissor action jaws make them easy to attach and release. The springs have been tested to over 18000 cycles. (Grippers can be purchased separately to enable you to upgrade your old style walkers or attach netting straining boards)
  2. Clevis hooks 60mm Stainless steel enable ease of joining Grippers or boards.
  3. Spring loaded pawls enable easy fixing to the chain that won’t fall off, jam or slip and enable easy tension release.
  4. 5.3 Metre stainless steel chain incorporating swivel at 0.6m point. Chain load capacity 2500kg. The swivel alleviates chain twist, the built-in chain swivel allows you to straighten the chain before walking, making straining easier.
  5. Strong bolt on 300mm handle, overall length including body 500mm 


Watch our short video above to see it in action.

https://mcveighparker.com/media/catalog/product/cache/26ed8f06e79cda7507dda94712c9910c/k/w/kws02.jpg -----https://mcveighparker.com/media/catalog/product/cache/fe6df0f0f801fb57ed5db3b31e3fd5b6/k/w/kws02.jpg https://mcveighparker.com/media/catalog/product/cache/26ed8f06e79cda7507dda94712c9910c/1/2/1206569949-087dd233943da7cee98b49f8749b4287c0c80f2f27ad7e2ef9083b06b3d3b251-d_640_2_1 -----https://mcveighparker.com/media/catalog/product/cache/fe6df0f0f801fb57ed5db3b31e3fd5b6/1/2/1206569949-087dd233943da7cee98b49f8749b4287c0c80f2f27ad7e2ef9083b06b3d3b251-d_640_2_1 https://mcveighparker.com/media/catalog/product/cache/26ed8f06e79cda7507dda94712c9910c/s/s/ss-hook.jpg -----https://mcveighparker.com/media/catalog/product/cache/fe6df0f0f801fb57ed5db3b31e3fd5b6/s/s/ss-hook.jpg https://mcveighparker.com/media/catalog/product/cache/26ed8f06e79cda7507dda94712c9910c/g/r/gripper_2.jpg -----https://mcveighparker.com/media/catalog/product/cache/fe6df0f0f801fb57ed5db3b31e3fd5b6/g/r/gripper_2.jpg

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