X fence Stock Fence XHT11-122-7.5

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X fence Stock Fence XHT11-122-7.5

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About product

Our NEW X fence horse netting XHT11-122-7.5 reduces hoof entrapment, has a smooth X knot joint to prevent hide damage and a high tensile strength for effective control.

X fence stockfence is a premium wire netting that will show true returns on investment. The one piece vertical wire allows you to space intermediate stakes up to 5m apart. The forged X knot provides a stiffstay netting that will virtually stand up on its own, which helps eliminate vertical wire movement by livestock.

An unobtrusive smooth surface X knot greatly reduces the risk of fleece removal or hide damage and less stakes means less labour which equals overall savings . The tension curves and the spring like properties of high tensile wire remain taut throughout its life providing an effective, long lasting fence.


  • Suitable for horses
  • Overall height 122cm / 1220mm / 3'9"
  • No. of line wires 11
  • Distance between vertical wires 7.5cm / 75mm / 5.9"
  • Distance between horizontal wires Variable (see product image for mesh pattern)
  • Wire gauge 2.5mm alu/zinc coated high tensile wire throughout
  • Knot type X knot
  • McVeigh Parker strength grade Platinum
  • Available roll lengths 50m, 100m

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