What is UC4 Timber?

McVeigh Parker UC4 products are manufactured using only redwoods treated at a moisture content of 28% or less. The solution strength of the presentative is significantly higher than on standard pressure treatments and the vacuum/pressure process is longer and more thorough than standard treatment cycles, allowing for much deeper penetration of the preservative into the timber. Standard non dried pressure treated products have a shorter expected service life, whereas McVeigh Parker UC4 products have a longer expected service life as McVeigh Parker UC4 products are treated against fungal decay and wood destroying insects and have a desired service life of 15 years. The entire treatment process is quality assured in accordance with ISO 9001 criteria, and regular sampling and analysis ensures treatment standards are maintained at all times.

What are the benefits of X™ fence® wire?

Ever since the conception of the X knot in 2006, the X™ fence® brand has proven worldwide. This premium wire netting offers great advantages in simple erection, strength and longevity. The smooth, unobtrusive, cold-forged X knot joint and one-piece vertical wires provide a long lasting, binding joint. X™ fence® leads the way for ease and speed of construction, out-performing other types of fencing.

Will Clipex fit any wire netting?

We have a post to suit most hinge jointed 8/80 stock fences in either HT or mild steel. We would recommend using our posts which are designed to suit our netting and cannot confirm the clipex posts would fit with other hinge joint wire.

Are Clipex posts permanent?

Yes, they have been designed to suit the European market adding anti lift plates, make them virtually impossible to remove by hand. Clipex galvanised coating and high tensile steel will provide a life in excess of 30 years, we consider this to be permanent.

Do I need special tools and machinery?

No, simplicity is part of Clipex attraction, a drive sleeve helps protect the top of the post thereafter it can be driven in manually, pneumatically or hydraulic post driver. No stapling required. Wire dispenser recommend but not essential. Simple wire straining tools as normal. Joining with traditional knots or wire joiners.