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Clipex posts are sensationally quick, lightweight, yet exceptionally strong, easy to install and longer lasting, in most cases three times longer than traditional timber posts and surprisingly cost-effective. Huge savings in both time, labour and plant can be achieved. The lowest fence life costs in the market.

Clipex steel system has many advantages over traditional timber stakes. The posts are easier to handle and erect, the heavy duty galvanised coating provides a longer maintenance-free life.  The simple stainless steel clip system makes erecting fencing three to four times quicker, no stapling required.  When used with XTM fence® premium wire netting a life in excess of 30 years can be expected.

The simple Y shaped design is fabricated from 450-grade high tensile steel with dissimilar metal components, which take boundary fencing to a new level and life expectancy.  The three-way pointed end and steel construction make driving in most soil types an easy operation, whilst the even parallel flanges give a stronger strength to weight ratio and superior holding in most ground conditions. 

All Clipex® posts have a strengthening ground level plate and below ground an anti-lift device which holds the post down in the undulating ground. Ever since Brussels banned the use of CCA chemical treatment, farmers and landowners have been left doubting the new replacements effectiveness. Unfortunately, it is not an exact science; there are many contributing factors such as timber species, air-drying, kiln drying, treatment chemical and treatment procedures.

Consumers are bombarded with so many options, what timber species, Larch, Pine, Spruce, Chestnut? What guarantees if any last 10, 15, 25, 30 years? What is guaranteed, the treatment or the full post? What treatment specification UC4. Sector 4, with what treatment Alkaline copper quaternary (ACQ), Micronised, pressure creosoted, peeled chestnut? Then quarters, half’s, full round or sawn dimensions?

This has left many consumers confused as to what to purchase and what offers the longest life. We have the answer in our Clipex post solution. Farmers and landowners alike have been very impressed with the whole system.  Initially, they have a degree of apprehension and doubt, not believing the marketing hype but once shown working they are pleasantly reassured. A 30-year guarantee is offered on all Clipex® posts solutions that use Clipex® Beefy posts and an alu/zinc coated stiff stay XTM fence® wire netting and benzinal black coated barbed wire.

There are so many other advantages to using Clipex such as the posts small footprint, which is of great importance to archaeological sites and SSSI areas. When used with XTM fence® netting results in fewer stakes, which means less erection time and less ground disturbance.  Their minimal design means that when used in areas of outstanding natural beauty rather than the impact on the landscape they blend in and are more aesthetically pleasing and less imposing than timber or plastic.

No more gambling with the expected service life of timber posts, no carcinogenic leaching such as creosote, no more stapling, hugely reduced machinery and labour costs. Clipex® has the solution to your future fencing projects.

Before you invest in hard-earned capital, remember to contact a member of our team. We are confident that we can offer you a more cost-effective and innovative solution that will help you achieve a more sustainable, effective and profitable fence. 

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