Whether it be for security purposes or just to redecorate your garden, picking the right type of fencing is an important part of any project, but with so many choices and styles on offer, it can be hard to narrow down to the right one. With that said, we have put together a list to make sure you find the right design that's fit for purpose!  

Clipex fencing

There is a wide variety of fencing options available, and many are suitable for long linear fences. However, what distinguishes the Clipex fencing from its counterpart solutions is the simplicity of installation, each section can be erected by hand in mere minutes, allowing for huge savings in labour and machinery as well as reducing health and safety risks. 


Furthermore, the materials that are involved are also very lightweight and therefore easy to transport, without compromising strength. Our Triple X fencing solutions have a life expectancy that should exceed 30 years with little to no maintenance work making it a great, cost-efficient option. 

Timber fencing

Moving on to traditional wooden fencing, this is one of the most widely used materials for fences due to its inexpensive nature and aesthetically pleasing appeal, while maintaining its functionality. Timber is ideal for outside areas such as paddocks and roadsides due to its robust and versatile properties. Timber fencing is also available in a variety of styles, including half rounded, cleft chestnut, sawn post and rail and pressure creosoted, so you’ll be sure to find what you need.

Wire fencing

Wiring is one of the most popular methods of fencing that you will see around. This is because of its adaptable properties, making it perfect for use in industrial, agricultural or domestic settings, and is an ideal choice for containing grazing animals such as cattle, pigs, sheep and deer.

Thanks to recent improvements in wire fencing technologies, there is a much wider choice available today than there was 10 or so years ago, and in many circumstances wire fencing can be completely personalised for your unique purposes. Our wide range of wire fencing means that you can get the exact style you are looking for.

Electric fencing

Electric fences are primarily used for agricultural fencing and other forms of animal containment, however, there are several other applications for its use, such as security. The use of electric fencing allows for grazing or pasture management as it contains animals on a selected area of land by delivering a powerful, but safe, shock. If you are looking to keep your grazing animals contained, or add that extra layer of security, then our electric fencing could be the best choice for you. 

Security fencing

There is a wide array of security fencing styles available, and all have the same functionality and aim, that is to apply an extra level of caution to your property, whether that be a temporary compound, secure unit or recreational enclosure. Many of these fencing solutions are made from mild steel that is incredibly strong and durable. We also offer plastic coated and galvanised finishes. The fencing is typically covered in sharp barbs or points to act as a deterrent to would-be intruders. If you are looking to make your premises more secure, then look no further than our range of security fencing.

Domestic fencing

To most people, privacy is very important, which is why domestic fencing options are the most popular in homes and residential areas. They offer seclusion from the outside world for a relatively low price. The installation and maintenance of this type of fencing are low too, with minor repairs or a touch of paint from time to time to improve the aesthetics. Domestic fencing tends to be fairly durable with a life expectancy of around 10 to 15 years, depending on the quality of materials used. 

We hope you have a better insight into the fencing solutions available at McVeigh Parker. If you have any questions on any of our products or services, then do not hesitate to get in touch!