The Gallagher Tumblewheel is an innovative device that allows you to move a fence line to control cattle. Follow our guide here showing how to assemble it:

  1. Place the conductor ring on the plastic body.
  2. Ensure that the splines are lined up to allow it to fit in the recess.
  3. Once it is in the plastic body, rotate it so the cut out for the wire is clear.
  4. Install one of the aluminium legs into one of the six holes.
  5. Push the provided retaining clips over the leg and into the plastic body to secure the legs in place.
  6. Repeat this for all six legs.
  7. Push the centre rod through the centre hole in the plastic body.

Note: Ensure that the split in the tube is lined up with the split in the plastic body.

  1. Slide the plastic caps over each end of the centre rod. Ensure that the split lines up with the split in the rod.
  2. Lay your wire of choice into the split centre rod and through the split in the plastic body.
  3. Twist the end caps on both ends of the centre rods 180° to captivate the wire and stop it from dropping out of the split.

Strip grazing instructions

Tumblewheels should never be dragged sideways, or damage may occur.

Fence wire must be pulled tight during initial installation on to wire and during fence moving - this guides the tumblewheel in a direct line, otherwise they will move towards the centre of the fence.

Lift tumblewheels up vertically to allow stock and machinery to pass underneath wire.

Reels at both ends make moving easier. Fences up to 200 (600”) metres are easily managed from one end. 20 (66”) metre spacing of tumblewheels is practicable on level ground. Insulated plastic reels allow tumblewheels to be moved with the power still on.

Tumblewheels will walk along even surfaced hillsides. When doing this, the lower end of the fence should be kept forward of the upper end , so that they “walk up” and counteract the tendency to move downwards. A Gallagher Joint Clamp can be used on the wire to stop sideways movement.

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