Wooden fence posts can get damaged, often as a result of strong winds. Often the damage occurs at ground level. An alternative to a full replacement post is to use a concrete repair spur, a fast and cost effective way to resurrect your failing fence.

If the fence post is becoming loose but still intact a concrete spur can be used to support the wooden post as a preventative measure to extend the life of your fence.

How To Repair A Damaged Post With A Concrete Spur

1. Dig a hole at the base of the fence post on the side the spur will be positioned, 600mm / 2 foot is ideal. If the post is rotten, carefully remove as much of the rot as you can without further impacting the integrity of the post. Treat any raw timber with preservative.

2. Place the spur in the desired position. Using some spare timber, brace the fence post in the correct position by driving some props in to the ground. Once you are happy the post is held in the correct position, check with a post level to ensure it is vertical.

3. Push the coach screws through the holes on the concrete spur and either twist / bang with a hammer to mark the post where the screws hit the post. Remove the spur and drill where the screws hit.

4. Place the screws back through the spur and into the wooden post securing with a spanner.

5. Mix up a bag of post fix following the manufacturer’s directions and place in the hole. Slope the mix away from the post so that rainwater will drain away and not sit around the post.

6. Remove the props once the concrete is set.