Designed by Ann-Marie Powell, this traditional kitchen garden comes with a contemporary twist! Find your way through the world food maze of exotic and lesser-known foods, get inspired by the herb and edible flower zone, and pick up some ideas in the good to grow section. The garden is surrounded by a trained fruit boundary of alternating fencing styles, demonstrating different growing and training techniques, you can even try at home.

McVeigh Parker were instrumental in advising the design team about the perimeter fence, blending the required aesthetics with the need for exclusion of wildlife, mainly the badgers and deer.

The chosen design combined bespoke self-colour steel Estate solid rail fencing and gates with 75 x 25 x 3mm welded mesh attached and buried. The self-colour steel was chosen so that it will naturally oxidise to give a pleasant patina finish to match the other planters and structures erected. Welded mesh was also installed and buried within the void of the sustainable and durable Abodo timber slat sections. The Abodo timber slats were added to the steel structure to soften the appearance and add a natural warm exterior.  Slotted channel uprights alleviated the need for fixings. This design not only created an impenetrable wildlife fence but also created a aesthetically pleasing backdrop in which the RHS could trail their range of chosen fruit plants.

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