Intensive farming

Having seen a recent uptake in this system in the UK where farmers are looking to optimise their pasture land, McVeigh Parker have been gearing up to facilitate this growing market.

We have designed a simple long-life electric fencing option by using Clipex Pasture post and Clipex Pasture Beefy post, along with the Clipex Insulators which provide up to 4 lines of electric fencing for efficient pasture control.

Go Intensive for 30 years
With the same unrivalled 30 year guarantee as the rest of the Clipex range this makes for a quick and simple electric fencing system, which can either stay as a permanent fence or due to the pasture post not having an anti lift plate they can be easily moved when used in a pasture rotation system.

4 lines of electric - 6m ctrs Clipex Pasture posts, Beefys at change of direction - Berkshire