Protecting land and the livestock that live on it is paramount for those working in agriculture. Fencing is used to create a barrier so that animals do not leave and humans know not to intrude. However, broken or damaged fencing can lead to loss of livestock or trespassing. The quickest and easiest solution to this is Clipex, a fencing system that is fast, cheap and easy to assemble. Here are just some of its many benefits...        


Time is of the essence when putting up fencing, especially in situations where the original fencing has been damaged and could lead to livestock escaping. The Clipex fencing system is lighter than traditional timber fencing. This means that it can be erected with less labour and fewer tools than more traditional methods.


For many, strength is the most important element of purchasing a fence. Clipex posts offer strong strength to weight design made with a minimum 450-grade high tensile steel, while still keeping great elongation properties. Furthermore, each Clipex posts has a backing plate at ground level giving it strength where it matters most.


Ease of use is an element often overlooked with traditional fencing methods. Not with Clipex. Clipex is so simple to understand, specialist tools or experienced tradesmen are not required. Simply push the wire into the Dacromet clip and it is attached. While the Clipex post drives into almost all soil types with ease.


Larger livestock can put a real strain on fencing even without trying. Keeping these well secured requires sturdiness. All Eco, Standard and Beefy posts come with a ground level strengthening plate and below ground anti-lift plate. The anti-lift plate acts like a barbed hook anchor, which strengthens the fence over undulating ground and at the same time acts as a deterrent from opportunistic thieves. Security brackets can be retrofitted for additional security if required.


Putting up fencing can be labour intensive, Clipex tackles this by being tough, but lightweight at the same time. This makes it easier to handle, manoeuvre and erect, particularly when faced with challenging terrain and harsh weather conditions. By using Clipex posts with X™ fence® wire netting enables posts to be spaced further apart without compromising the effectiveness or strength of the fence. This also reduces the need to purchase extra posts, which in turn reduces labour and machinery costs.  


The savings you make compared to traditional methods of fencing do not just come from the Clipex pieces themselves but from the fencing solution as a whole. With Clipex fencing you save on labour costs, time, maintenance and hiring heavy machinery. Clipex fencing systems also come with a 30-year guarantee for complete peace of mind.

See how time and labour saving Clipex is compared to traditional fencing solutions, and, of course, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about fencing for your land.