Job Description - A challenging brief to fence in red deer around the clients estate, as well as exclude the smaller breeds such as Muntjac.  The fence had to have a desired life in excess of 25 years.  The chosen design was the Triple X fencing solution featuring the long life X Fence wire netting with long life Clipex steel posts and two lines of electric wire.

Wire Type - Bespoke X Fence premium long life wire netting, 17-line, 190cm high, 15cm wide verticals was the wire of choice.
2.0mm High tensile heavily galvanised electric lines.

Intermediate Posts - Clipex Bespoke design 3.0m 18-clip standard posts (Special design, MOQ 2000)

Intermediate Post Centres - 4m centres

Beefy Intermediates - Clipex Beefy 3.0m 18-clip bespoke posts were used every 4th post to strengthen the fence.

Strainer Type - Customer used old telegraph poles

Tools Used - Tractor and knocker, crimps, clamp bar and staples - two men.

Products Used -

Special 3.0m 18 clip Clipex bespoke intermediate standard and Beefy posts

KCPX30 3.0m Triple X Deer Fence End Strainer

KCPX40 3.0m Triple X Deer Fence Corner/2 way Strainer

F2444 XlHT17-190-15 X fence, 100m

F2014 2.0mm high tensile plain galvansied wire

CL2790 Clipex drive sleeve, standard

CL2793 Clipex drive sleeve, Beefy

EF2055 Clipex insulators