The remit for this large horse rescue centre was to provide a fence that would reduce maintenance, prevent cribbing, and last longer than current timber fencing whilst containing their horses safely.

The perfect solution for this customer was the McVeigh Parker Triple X Fencing System, using Xfence XHT11-122-7.5 horse netting with Clipex caps and premium Diamond Brand green electric tape.

Shop Products used


Clipex Railway / Cattle Standard post -

Clipex Railway/Cattle Standard is a 2.0m long 13 clip post, specifically designed for railway boundaries although its added height means it is often also used for horse, cattle and dog fencing.  Clipex fencing is 50% quicker to erect and comes with a minimum 30 year service life.



X fence XHT11-122-7.5 stock fence -

The Xfence horse netting XHT11-122-7.5 is a mesh pattern to help reduce hoof entrapment.  It features a smooth X knot joint to prevent hide damage and has high tensile strength for effective control.



Clipex Caps -

Clipex caps are quick and easy to install and can also be retro fitted.  They feature an inbuilt offset insulator to take rope or tape and are smooth rounded top for safer stock handling.



Diamond Brand Electric Tape -

Featuring reinforced outer edges for extra durability, Diamond brand electric tape is made from a high strength mono-filament polyethylene and is available in 3 colours and 3 thicknesses.