High Tensile Barbed Wire

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High Tensile Barbed Wire

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About product

High tensile barbed wire has a much higher breaking strain compared to low tensile, meaning it is more elastic and can be used with much further fence post spacings.

Options available

We have 4 options of high tensile barbed wire available –

  • High Tensile barbed wire 1.6mm - 200m
  • High Tensile barbed wire 2.0mm - 200m
  • Alu/zinc coated premium high tensile barbed wire 2.0mm - 200m
  • Bezinal coated premium high tensile barbed wire 2.0mm - 500m

High Tensile barbed wire 1.6mm - 200m

This is our bestselling high tensile barbed wire.


  • 1.6 mm high tensile wire
  • Twin strand barbed wire in 200m rolls
  • Interlocking 4 point barbs in 1.5mm barbing wire
  • Galvanised to BSEN 10244-2 Class A
  • Manufactured to BSEN 10223-1

High Tensile barbed wire 2.0mm - 200m

This barbed wire is suitable for permanent standalone fences or can be combined with our high tensile stock netting.


  • Manufactured with two 2mm high tensile wires in reverse twist pattern
  • Wires 2mm dia - tensile strength 1050-1250 N/mm2
  • Barbs 1.9mm dia - tensile strength 440-540 N/mm2
  • Breaking load exceeds 4230N
  • Manufactured to: BSEN 10223-1
  • Galvanised to BSEN 10244-2 Class A, Coating min 215gr/m2

Alu/zinc coated premium high tensile barbed wire 2.0mm - 200m

This is a premium high tensile barbed wire manufactured from an alu/zinc wire (known as 2Life) which lasts up to 2-4 times longer than standard galvanised wire. This coating will not crack and is more ductile than galvanised wire.


  • Unwinds quicker, has tighter and more twists and longer barbs for extra strength and durability
  • Supplied on wooden reels for strength and ease of disposal and with hessian handles for easier carrying
  • Coating: an alloy of zinc and aluminium Zinc gives an active, sacrificial and traditional anticorrosive coating while aluminium provides passive protection by slowing down the sacrificial reaction of the zinc coating and increasing the effective lifespan of the coating.


  • 2mm wire diameter
  • 200m length roll
  • 16kg weight
  • 4 barbs
  • Exceeds BSEN 10244-2 Class A heavily galvanised wire.
  • Barbed spacing 100mm (4")
  • Coating - 2life coating (alu/zinc wire)
  • Tensile strength Min 1000 N/mm2

Bezinal coated premium high tensile barbed wire 2.0mm - 500m

This is a premium barbed wire with Bezinal coating, razor sharp barbs and possibly the strongest tensile breaking strain on the market.


  • High tensile 2.0mm wire - 1000-1200mpa / Barbed 1.80mm 400-550mpa
  • Breaking strain - 54Kn
  • Barbed spacing - 100mm
  • Roll length - 500m


This premium barbed wire has many advantages over other brands including -

  • Allows posts to be spaced further apart, retaining elasticity
  • Bezinal Xtralife coating - lasts up to 4 times longer than heavily galvanised wire. This Bezinal zinc-alloy coating also offer cathodic protection of uncoated areas of the steel such as cut-ends or scratches.
  • This coating also makes the wire more malleable making it easier to work with. We recommend using this barbed wire when purchasing X fence wire products.

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