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Case Studies November 29, 2021


  1. Horse Fence Case Study

    Horse Fence Case Study

    The remit for this large horse rescue centre was to provide a fence that would reduce maintenance, prevent cribbing, and last longer than current timber fencing whilst containing their horses...
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  2. Why does my wire go slack?

    In this post we will talk about 3 possible reasons why high tensile wire can go slack after time. Has your wire been over tensioned? High tensile plain coiled wire...
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  3. Wire – Specification and Correct Installation

    Wire – Specification and Correct Installation

    Pre-fabricated wire netting – High tensile Hinge jointed – tensile strength 1235-1390 (N/mm2) X Fence – tensile strength 1235-1550 (N/mm2) Coating – Hinge jointed hot dip galvanised to BSEN min...
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  4. Supplied by McVeigh Parker

    Supplied by McVeigh Parker

    Recently, McVeigh Parker products were chosen to help assist in a project commissioned by the local council to Surrey based fencing contractor and McVeigh Parker customer James Rochez-Maggs from Countryside...
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  5. How To Repair A Damaged Post With A Concrete Spur

    How To Repair A Damaged Post With A Concrete Spur

    Wooden fence posts can get damaged, often as a result of strong winds. Often the damage occurs at ground level. An alternative to a full replacement post is to use...
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